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1965 Plymouth Belvedere I

August 2006 Mopar of the Month

UPDATE: This Plymouth is now For Sale. Contact Colin, the owner by clicking here.

Colin writes: I think it’s time to take
my Plymouth out of the
Works in Progress Section.

She’s all done. Body and paint is fresh.
1965 Plymouth Belvedere I driver side front

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I driver side
She ran a 12.5 et at 110 mph at the track on these street tires. It was fun as heck!

I bought a new Hughes 727 race tranny
and also got a Hughes 3500 stall converter
and topped it all off with a B & M Megashifter.
1965 Plymouth Belvedere I 440 engine

With the 440 and race tranny and SureGrip she hits hard and absolutely fries the tires in all gears.

It was a lot of work and very expensive, but very worth it!

Update: September 2006: I just chassis Dyno’ed the Mopar last Friday and it produced 363.62 HP with 367.18 lbs of torque at the rear wheels. It has a 6000 rpm rev limiter in it right now so I shut her down when I hit that at 118 mph. The car was still pulling very hard. I think I could go up to 7000, but don’t want to chance it. I know that cars loose about 100 hp through the transmission and rear end so the engine should be pushing 460hp. I also just installed electric solenoids for the side exhaust cutouts: open headers with the flip of a switch, very nice!
Way to go Colin!

You have stuck with your Mopar and the restoration process, with great results!

It’s an inspiration to all of us. — Plus a reminder that 4 door Mopars are sharp looking vehicles that will go fast too. (Got to think about that the next time you see someone chop up a clean four door Mopar for parts.)   smile!

Gary H.

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