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August 2004 Mopar of the Month

1965 Plymouth Satellite

1965 Plymouth Satellite passenger front 1965 Plymouth Satellite driver's side

Jon writes:   To all the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse members, thank you so very much for your support, advice, and comments during the last 4 years. There's no way this car could have come together without all of your help.

1965 Plymouth Satellite door interior 1965 Plymouth Satellite interior

Back in 2000 when I had just a hulk of a beaten B-body and the motor sat in our living room, I really had doubts if this Mopar was gonna get finished. And if you think I was doubting the completion, you should have seen my wife with a motor sitting in our living room!

1965 Plymouth Satellite engine 1965 Plymouth Satellite engine

1965 Plymouth Satellite hood

I have been thru just about every nut and bolt on this car. It's been a real ton of work, but has paid off in the long run. The motor is all hard core business, but when ya mash the gas it becomes pure pleasure.

As you can see, I'm one for bold colors. I have had a purple Roadrunner, a orange Charger, I have a yellow Super Bee -- and now this awesome peach/salmon Satellite. Not only do I want you hearing me come down the road, but seeing me as well.

1965 Plymouth Satellite undercarrage 1965 Plymouth Satellite exhaust
1965 Plymouth Satellite engine strap 1965 Plymouth Satellite driveshaft loop

I think I have earned graduation rights from the Works in Progress section to the B-body Gallery?

1965 Plymouth Satellite rear view

What a great Web site, with great people. Anybody reading this page that needs help on their Satellite, e-mail me and I'll help in a heartbeat. Thanks to all and hope you enjoy my fruits of labor.

p.s. The car did not beat me this time around, I beat it!

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