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August 2003 Mopar of the Month

1962 Plymouth Savoy

John writes:

When I was in Vietnam during 1967, I dreamed of coming home and buying a brand new 1967 Corvette with a 4-speed. However, I was wounded in the leg and came home with a cast on my leg, which prevented me from driving a manual transmission. So, while on convalescent leave from the Army, I went to visit my parents who lived in Albuquerque, NM. During that visit, I purchased a brand new 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner hardtop with a 727 TorqueFlite automatic transmission and a 383 motor. I use to drive between El Paso, TX and Albuquerque, NM, a distance of over 300 miles, going about 140 mph out in the middle of the dessert. I loved that car and drove it daily for five years. In 1973, the gas crisis hit and with 80,000 miles on the odometer, I sold the car for $750. After that, I started driving my beloved Corvettes for years to come.

The Savoy....

1962 Plymouth Savoy front 1962 Plymouth Savoy side
1962 Plymouth Savoy trunk labels 1962 Plymouth Savoy trunk view
1962 Plymouth Savoy side rear view 1962 Plymouth Savoy under rear
1962 Plymouth Savoy rear This 1962 Savoy was used as the basis for the Johnny Lightning 1962 Plymouth model!
John's 1962 Savoy was used as the basis
for the Johnny Lightning 1962 Plymouth model!

Now fast forward to 2002, I am selling a 1928 Essex street rod to a consignment car dealer and as I walk around his showroom I see this 1962 Plymouth Savoy Super Stock 413 Max Wedge car sitting there. It was love at first sight and immediately brought back my "love affair" feelings for Mopars. Now I always said I would buy another Roadrunner, but seeing this '62 Savoy changed all that, I purchased the car on the spot.

After I had the car for a few weeks, I decided to search out its history. I found out that a guy named Phil, who owns "Grand Touring Restorations" in Anaheim, CA, restored the car in 1997. In talking to Phil, he gave me the history of the car. The car was originally purchased in Los Angeles, CA at Milki Motors by the State of California for their Boarder Patrol Division. The car came stock with the follow standard and optional heavy-duty police equipment: full-unit construction, heavy duty torsion-aire suspension, heater-ventilator, heavy duty radiator, heavy duty 40-ampere alternator, police-calibrated speedometer, front foam seat cushions, front arm rests, sun visors (right and left made out of cardboard!), rear-wheel parking brake (foot operated), dual electric windshield wipers, 70-ampere-hour heavy duty battery, heavy duty springs and Oriflow shock absorbers, heavy duty floor mats, full horn ring, extra heavy duty 14 X 5.5 wheels, heavy duty seats with deep springs, Sure-Grip 3.55 differential, push-button 3-speed automatic transmission, power brakes, power steering, heavy duty nylon tires in 7.50 X 14 size and other miscellaneous heavy duty items. It also came with the optional 225 cu. in. slant-six patroller motor!


1962 Plymouth Savoy odometer 1962 Plymouth Savoy owner's manual
1962 Plymouth Savoy fender script 1962 Plymouth Savoy taillights
1962 Plymouth Savoy rear trunk emblem 1962 Plymouth Savoy wheel and tire

1962 Plymouth Savoy VIN tag

The Interior...

1962 Plymouth Savoy pushbuttons 1962 Plymouth Savoy interior
1962 Plymouth Savoy interior front 1962 Plymouth Savoy interior front pass side
1962 Plymouth Savoy interior front seat 1962 Plymouth Savoy interior rear

During the restoration process, (See picture 1  See picture 2) it was decided to convert this car into a clone 1962 Plymouth Super Stock 413 Max Wedge car. An original all numbers matching 1962 SS 413 motor was found and rebuilt to run today's gas. It was bored .030 over making it a 421 cu. in. motor. The standard 11.1 to 1 pistons were replaced with 9.5 to 1 and it now has hydraulic lifters with a street performance cam. Its estimated horsepower is 500 and it runs on 91-octane pump gas.

Engine Compartment...

1962 Plymouth Savoy fender tag 1962 Plymouth Savoy 413 cross ram
1962 Plymouth Savoy 413 cross ram 1962 Plymouth Savoy 413 cross ram

Car shows...Mopar winner!

1962 Plymouth Savoy car show 1962 Plymouth Savoy car show - with 1962 Dart
1962 Plymouth Savoy car show award 1962 Plymouth Savoy car show award
1962 Plymouth Savoy BEST OF SHOW This 1962 Plymouth Savoy is a complete
restoration of a rare, black plate
California car!

This car is driven weekly and has over 13,000 miles on it since restoration with 67,000 original miles in total. The car has never been in an accident nor has it ever had any rust. The body is perfect, that is why it was painted black. This car is a dream to drive and always draws attention no matter where I take it. Since September 2002, I have won 19 out of 20 car shows with several best of show awards. My wife and I consider this car a family treasure!

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