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July 2006 Mopar of the Month

Matt Liess writes: I am the proud co-owner of the Super Carrot Dart
and Burt Liess, my dad, is the other co-owner—plus my crew chief.
1962 Dart Super Carrot, front
1962 Dart Super Carrot, front driver's side The Super Carrot has a great background to it. My dad bought this Mopar as an old Pennsylvania liquor control board car with a 318 under the hood in 1972. (Keep in Mind this is five years before I was born!).
In 1975 he decided to make a race car out of her with the name hung on the door of Priceless Silver. My dad ran the Dart for many years and then we had some Medical issues in the family and dad hung his driving suit up for good. 1962 Dart Super Carrot, interior

Fifteen years later it hit me like a bolt of lighting that it was time to resurrect the old Dodge!

1962 Dart Super Carrot, driver's side rear Two years later after a great time rebuilding the Mopar with my dad right beside me I took the Dart to the track for the first time. People who say that things do not carry over in generations are wrong!
My first pass was something I will never forget. The Super Carrot is a 1962 Dodge Dart on Steroids! 1962 Dart Super Carrot, engine
1962 Dart Super Carrot, rear graphics, close up 1962 Dart Super Carrot, rear

By the way, my dad and I have been looking at the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Web site for the last six months and I have never seen so many 1962 Mopars. It is great to see that not everybody thinks they are ugly!

Thanks Matt and Burt!

Talk about a wonderful family car and father-son project!

Congratulations on your great, and very pretty, 1962 Dart!   smile!

Gary H.

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