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July 2004 Mopar of the Month

1965 Plymouth Satellite

Buddy writes:  I sold my 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 at the 2003 Don Garlits' show.

I had vowed that when and if I sold the 1965 Dodge I would put a Hemi in my Satellite.

1965 Plymouth Satellite - passenger side

So, I have installed a 472 Hemi in the Satellite. With a 4 speed no less!

TTI headers with the new Aero Turbine mufflers with 3 inch exhaust all the way. =  SUPER sound!

1965 Plymouth Satellite - Hemi fender script 472 Hemi in 1965 Plymouth Satellite
"HEMI The most feared four letter word in the world."

At the June 2004 Year One "Braselton Bash" car show
in Braselton, Georgia, Year One asked me to let them
put the Satellite in their showroom for a month.

I gladly obliged.
1965 Plymouth Satellite in Year One Showroom

Way to go Buddy!

From 383 4 speed to HEMI 4 speed!

Both excellent combinations!   smile!

Gary H.

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