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1964 Plymouth Savoy

May 2006 Mopar of the Month

Note: this Savoy has since been sold.

I am and have been a Chrysler lover since the early 1950’s. 1964  Plymouth Savoy driver side front It took two tears to make my 1964 Plymouth Max Wedge clone look this good.

And the Mopar is nice.

The Plymouth came from California and went to Michigan for a couple of months to a engineer at the Chrysler plant.
He decided to sell the car for some reason and I bought it and brought it to Arizona.
When I bought the Savoy it was white with a blue interior, which I changed to black with a red interior.

1964 Plymouth interior 1964 Plymouth Savoy interior

The upholstery, carpet, headliner and door panels were done by Harvey and Jill at 1st Upholstery.

The Savoy was a 318 automatic when built at Chrysler’s Lynch Road factory. Now the 30 over 440 short block is balanced, decked and clearenced, ending up with 450 ci displacement and approximately 425 HP. The engine has 9.75:1 compression ratio, a hydraulic cam shaft (advanced 5 degrees) and correct Max Wedge cylinder heads, and intake manifold, with dual four barrel Edelbrock 600 cfm carbs and correct jet hot coated exhaust manifolds. The engine has a deep oil pan and a windage tray due to the Arizona weather. The motor was built by John Mihalko and Byron Crawford in Toledo Ohio. 1964 Plymouth Max Wedge engine clone

Max Wedge power goes through a 727 Pushbutton automatic transmission, which also has a deep pan, and a rear 3:91 gear.

1964 Plymouth undercarrage front The undercarriage is meticulous.
1964 Plymouth undercarrage rear 1964 Plymouth undercarrage rear
1964  Plymouth Savoy driver side front at night Pavilions in Scottsdale Arizona 1964 Plymouth Savoy show sign

All the flawless body and paint work was done by Chuck, Bob and Lucas at Arizona Street Scene.

1964 Plymouth trunk mat 1964 Plymouth Savoy passenger side rear


That is a stunningly sharp 1964 Plymouth Max Wedge clone!   smile!

Gary H.

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