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May 2004 Mopar of the Month

1963 Dodge 330

1963 Dodge 330 passenger front fender John writes:  

The Dodge started out as a leaning tower of power car.

The Dodge now sports a 440 with the new Mopar
Performance Max Wedge heads. I choose the TTI headers
& exhaust route for the performance and sound
rather than the stock Max Wedge manifolds.
The 426 has a pair of 660 cfm Edelbrock carburetors.
The converter is a B&M 10 inch in front of
a beefed up 1965 push button 727 with slip yoke.
The rear is also a 1965, to get rid of those
pesky tapered axles.
426 wedge in 1963 Dodge 330
1963 Dodge 330 view undercarrage 1963 Dodge 330 view 8.75 modified pinion snubber

1963 Dodge 330 interior The Mopar is a blast to drive on the street,
but the mileage is terrible!

Right after high school I was fortunate enough to have owned a
1962 Plymouth with a 383 dual four 343HP engine.

The Plymouth ran in the mid 12's race only.

I am looking forward to getting the '63 to the track to play!

1963 Dodge 330 driver front

Again thanks for the '62 to '65 Web site; it is very interesting reading & I have even learned a thing or two.

Beautiful Dodge, John!

The airplane is obviously used as a chase vehicle to keep up with the Dodge!   smile!

Gary H.

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