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1963 Plymouth Savoy

April 2006 Mopar of the Month

Mitchell Dotson writes: My absolutely perfect 1963
Plymouth Savoy, 2-door post sedan, was restored
by Mike (Booter) Johnson of Rochester, KY.
1963 Plymouth Savoy, front

The Mopar is laser straight.

The Plymouth was restored with
old nostalgia super stockers in mind.
1963 Plymouth Savoy, front passenger side

1963 Plymouth Savoy, interior The Savoy is equipped with old nostalgia
Sun gauges, a nostalgia roll bar and rolls on
Cragar wheels.

Everything works, including
the parking lights and dome light.

The engine is a 426 with in-line 4’s
and 425 horsepower running
through a four speed and 3:91 gears.

That line lock is the only thing
that is not nostalgia.
1963 Plymouth Savoy, Max Wedge engine
1963 Plymouth Savoy, rear The Savoy runs in the mid 12’s through the quarter.

The Plymouth is a very good street racer.

This Mopar is a keeper!

Contact Mitchell: mdotson AT connectgradd.net
Thanks Mitchell!

A big block, four speed, 426 Mopar. Spells fun!   smile!

Gary H.

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