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April 2004 Mopar of the Month

1963 Plymouth Belvedere — Moparious MAXIMUS

The Belvedere ran in the low 10s in 2003.

In 2004 with 900+ HP the high 8s are possible.

We worked very hard on weight reduction so
we are down to 2850 with driver.

The car comes out of the hole like it was shot out!
1963 Plymouth Belvedere drag racer, Moparious Maximus

Larry Sr. writes:   My son and I built Moparious Maximus as a father son project.
[Editor's note: Click on the above link to see the project pictures!]

We now plan to run nostalgic races only, not bracket racing.

Later in 2004 we are building a 572 inch aluminum block, Hilborn (old style) injection and "alkyhaulass" for fuel -- but that's another story in the making.

After that, hummmm... we do have a 14-71 blower sitting around here somewhere. I wonder!

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