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1964 Dodge 330

March 2006 Mopar of the Month

Jeff writes: I recently completed restoration on my 1964 Dodge 330 two door sedan. 1964 Dodge 330, front

1964 Dodge 330, 318 engine The Dodge is a 318, three speed on the column, 60,000 mile rust free Mopar.

The 330 has the original interior, but sports a new carpet. 1964 Dodge 330, interior

1964 Dodge 330, driver's side I put front disc brakes on the Dodge. The Mopar is a great show/cruiser.

I told my boys that this was the car they are going to learn how to drive with. 1964 Dodge 330, rear

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Thanks Jeff!

A three on the tree, 318: very stock and very cool.

Quite a fun driver education car, too!   smile!

Gary H.

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