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1964 Plymouth Belvedere

March 2005 Mopar of the Month

David writes: At Dragway 42 near Cleveland Ohio in July 2004 our best E.T. was 11.73 @ 118mph. 1964 Plymouth at drags, xmas tree
On the track!

The Belvedere is owned by Mark McKenna.
This 1964 Plymouth was originally from Iowa and purchased off e-bay for $1200.
A full rotisserie restoration was performed by Dave Mckenna Sr., son Mark, and long time family friend's Bob Oldroyd and Jeff Erbland.

1964 Plymouth in shop 1964 Plymouth in shop - Stage III 426
1964 Plymouth 1964 Plymouth
Bob Oldroyd (left) and Dave McKenna Sr. doing his Paul Teutul imitation.

The Belvedere has a 440 bored .030" over,
11:5:1 forged pistons, Aluminum heads;
1964 Crossram; .625" lift 325 duration cam,
9 1/2" torque converter, 727 Torqueflight,
4:88; spool and four wheel disc brakes.
1964 Plymouth engine

An all fiberglass front clip, bumpers and deck lid are installed.

The Mopar is still in the tuning process and will undergo a few changes this winter.
The Plymouth will get coil-overs; 4:56 gear and a 8" converter to help launch the '64 into orbit.

1964 Plymouth dash 1964 Plymouth dash
1964 Plymouth passenger's side seat 1964 Plymouth in shop - fuel cell trunk
1964 Plymouth in shop - trunk 1964 Plymouth in shop - fuel cell trunk
In the top left of the above group of pictures you can see the custom switch panel under
the steering wheel this was made out of a lacquer thinner can and polished.

There are many details on the '64, custom hidden frame connectors, hand made seat brackets and custom hinges
on the decklid and hood to keep the glass pieces up, plus many other details that you have to see.

If you see us at the Mopar events come on up and check the '64 out: it's as clean underneath as it is on top.

1964 Plymouth at drags, driver's front

Clean , fast and sharp! Quite the nice Plymouth!

And a tribute to the team that built the car.   smile!

Gary H.

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