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March 2004 Mopar of the Month
Dedicated to Richard Leff

1962 Dart

Richard Leff, owner of this Mopar, passed away in February 2004.

Richard was an avid fan of early B bodies and active participant
in the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse and the
Mopar Mail List. Posting to the Mail Lists right up to the end,
his last mail to the Clubhouse List was on February 2.

The Mopar community will miss you, Richard.
1962 Dart interior

1962 Dart at Car Show Richard was often seen at car shows,
frequently proudly accepting a "Best of"
award for his Dart.
For example, at left picture,
the Dart won Best Mopar
at the Seal Beach California Chamber
and Business Association's 2003
16th Annual Car Show

1962 Dart at Car Show, front 1962 Dart at Car Show, 413 Max Wedge
1962 Dart at Car Show, rear view Richard transformed an original,
rust-free six cylinder 3 speed stick
Dart into a beautiful 413 Max Wedge Mopar.
Pictures here were taken at
Adams Avenue Donuts in Huntington
Beach, CA.**

The Dart is a very nice

In Richard's own words,
(from mid 2001):
"It's NOT an earthquake.
It's NOT a Tornado.
It's NOT a rocket, fired from an Air Force base.
It's NOT the Concord.

It IS a 1962 Dodge Dart two door post car, TOTALLY restored complete with a 644 HP (not a typo),
MAX WEDGE exhaust AND intake manifold, dual carb, of course -- mean fighting machine.

This car was designed and built to duplicate the RAM CHARGER cars of the 1960's....

Sooooooooooooo; cover your ears cause this thing is loud, real loud.

Electric fuel pump, solids, 10:1 compression, 3 inch TTI MAX WEDGE exhaust system,
GIGANTIC valves (2.14 - 1.88) on stage II MAX WEDGE heads, steel crank, all balanced,
3:55 SureGrip, 1965 rear end and a beefed up 727 tranny, push button on the dash,
for sure." — Richard Leff

View memories of Richard from his Mopar friends!

To donate in memory of Richard, visit The American Heart Association, the The Diabetes Association or The Kidney Foundation.

** These pictures sent in to the '62 to '65 Mopar Web Site by Richard in late 2001.
They were taken at Adams Avenue Donuts at Adams and Magnolia in Huntington Beach, CA. and are also on

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