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1964 Dodge 330 — Max’d Out

February 2006 Mopar of the Month

1964 Dodge Max'd Out hood scoop 
Bob Rogers and Doug Palmer write:   We will be running in the
Max Wedge Series in 2006 with this 1964 Dodge, Max’d Out.

The Dodge has run as quick as 9.80 but we are setting it up to run B/NSS.
1964 Dodge Max'd Out driver side

The Dodge is an original California car. We have the dealer’s window sticker that came on the car.

1964 Dodge Max'd Out, passenger side 1964 Dodge Max'd Out interior
The 440 block is now 500 cubic inches,
sporting Indy Cylinder heads and an Indy
Cylinder head intake that is legal for
Nostalgia Super Stock racing.
1964 Dodge Max'd Out engine

Thanks Bob and Doug!

A great example of why these Mopars are still so popular and competitive after 40+ years!

Besides, it sounds like a heck of a lot of fun!  smile!

Gary H.

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