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December 2003 Mopar of the Month

1964 Dodge 440  — 426 Hemi

Larry writes:
1964 Dodge 440 front view My 1964 Dodge 440 - 2 door sedan features
new gold paint, factory tinted windows,
new weather stripping, fiberglass bumpers
painted silver & fiberglass hood and correct
Hemi scoop from Fiberglass Plus.

The 440's chassis has a completely rebuilt front end and brake system, including front brakes converted to disc.
Also installed is a drive shaft safety loop, new shocks front and rear and Super Stock springs with pinion snubber.

The interior sports a 6 point roll cage,
red interior with all new headliner,
carpet, door panels, recovered bucket seats
and recovered rear seat all with new foam
cushions installed, Simpson lap belts
and vintage Sun tach.
1964 Dodge 440 interior

426 Hemi in a 1964 Dodge 440 The power comes from a Mopar Performance (MP)
426 Hemi, with Pete Jackson gear drive, Lunati flat tappet cam,
Keith Black valve covers, aluminum MP high volume water pump,
aluminum MP water pump housing, MP 6 quart oil pan, high volume,
high pressure oil pump, MP aluminum intake with 1 inch spacer,
MSD Pro Billet distributor, Blaster coil and MSD 6AL ignition,
MSD plug wires, & Carter mechanical high volume fuel pump.

The Hemi's spent fuel is exhausted through 2 1/8 inch TTI ceramic-coated
headers and 3 inch exhaust pipes with Flowmaster mufflers.

The torque is transmitted through an all new BTE Racing pushbutton manual shift
727 TorqueFlite with an aluminum deep pan and pick up. At the other side
of the driveshaft is an 8¾ rear with 4.10 gears and SureGrip.

1964 Dodge 440 side view

The Dodge rolls on wheels and tires as follows:
Front 15 x 4 Torq Thrust "Aged"
Rear 15 x 14 "Aged" and painted to match the front.

The Dodge runs great!

And the reaction from people is awesome.
First, not very many people have ever heard of a 1964 440.
They think you are telling them about the engine.
When I explain it to them and lift the hood -- no other words need to be said.

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