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1963 Plymouth Belvedere

January 2005 Mopar of the Month

Dan writes:  In June 2003 I purchased my 1963 Plymouth Belvedere,
an original California car, from a friend.

The Plymouth was completely stock: everything was there but needed work.
The Belvedere had a 318 Poly engine with a 727 push button automatic transmission,
and power steering.
1963 Plymouth Belvedere, front
1963 Plymouth Belvedere, front driver's side The Mopar's body was in good shape, but it had some rust in the front cowling.
I repaired the rust and prepped the body for painting, then had a local paint shop
put a two stage paint job, and color sand and polish the new paint.

I installed a 8.75 rear end from a 1968 Plymouth and added a 3:23 SureGrip unit in the pumpkin.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, 360 engine
Then I had a 360 engine rebuilt, adding a 625cfm AVS carburetor,
Crane cam and lifters, Edelbrock Air Gap manifold, and a set of coated Hedman Headers.

1963 Plymouth Belvedere, interior The seats and headliner were redone by a local shop.
The carpet came from Trim Parts and the door panels
from Legendary Interiors.
1963 Plymouth Belvedere, interior

Four 15x7 TorqueThrust II with P21565R15 tires were installed. 1963 Plymouth Belvedere, rear driver's side
1963 Plymouth Belvedere, front driver's side I enjoy driving the Plymouth. The car gets a lot of compliments.

Thanks Dan!

Very sharp Belvedere!

Much deserving of compliments!   smile!

Gary H.

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