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January 2004 Mopar of the Month

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I, front Hot Rod Bill writes:  My Belvedere is the reincarnation of a car that I owned in 1965.

It has been a long project, but is pretty much "finished" now.

You see, I watched the Plymouth and Dodge super stockers race in the mid 1960s and always wanted one.
I was young, just out of the military, and raising two kids back then, so couldn't afford a race car.
Obviously, they wouldn't have sold me one anyway, since I wasn't a big name racer.
So I bought a Plymouth Belvedere with a 383 V-8 and automatic transmission in 1965.
That was as close as I could afford to a super stocker!

Fast forward to now:
I found a solid, mostly rust-free, 318 powered Plymouth Belvedere I in Las Vegas.
The Belvedere I was originally white, but had been painted red.
I thought seriously about going back to the original color, especially since the Plymouth that I owned in 1965 was white.

But I always thought that the dark blue was the best color that Plymouth had in 1965, so I went with that choice.
The result was a match as close as the Finish Line body shop (in Monrovia, CA) could get, based on original color chips.

The Belvedere I has a lightweight (fiberglass) front end (hood, front fenders and bumper),
and all of the glass except the windshield is plexiglass.

The Plymouth was built by Bob Mosher, who did a fantastic job on everything.

The engine in this car is based on a new Chrysler
Hemi block and crank (547 cubic inches),
with Stage-V aluminum heads, a Crower roller
cam, roller rockers, & two original 1965 race Hemi
carburetors (flowing over 800 cfm each).
1965 Plymouth Belvedere I, Hemi
1965 Plymouth Belvedere I, exhaust The Plymouth features Doug's headers,
a jet-coated exhaust system,
Dynamic 4,800 stall converter,
Dana 60 with 3.73 gears
and a Detroit Locker.

The Hemi was just started for the first time in early December 2003 and sounds great!

1965 Plymouth Belvedere I, side view

In short, this Plymouth is the culmination of a life-long dream,
and is very likely the fastest car to ever come out of Mosher's shop.

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