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The 1962 to1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse Etiquette

Discussion Guidelines for 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse

1) Have fun and make new Mopar friends.

2) Every e-mail you send must have Mopar content! Specifically, keep information about, or related to, 1962 - 1965 Mopars in your conversation. Discussion about topics somehow connected to 1962 to 1965 Mopars is why people joined the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Clubhouse. :-)

But if the connection to 1962 to 1965 Mopars is not obvious, explain in your e-mail how your e-mail's topic has a connection to 1962 to 1965 Mopars.

3) Match your e-mail's subject line with the text you send. This is important! It gives people the information they need to delete mails they do not want to read. Correct subject lines also make for ease of finding subjects of interest in the archive.

4) Do not read an email and press "REPLY" and change the subject. Start a NEW email with that new subject that matches the content in the body of the email. This makes searching for information much easier in the archive.

5) Stay on topic and keep private e-mail conversations personal and not sent to the Mail List. No commercial mail is allowed.

PLEASE think about this before you send out a message. Ask yourself: Does everyone need to read this, or should I just send this to ONE person specifically? E-mailing the list asking if anyone knows how to replate pot metal would be just fine. E-mailing the list to ask one individual if they will be going to Thursday's local cruise night is bad. (You get the idea.) This is the most important thing you need to do -- stay on topic, and keep personal conversations private and off the List. Please!

A Mail List is a captive audience. Members sign up to discuss a subject they find interesting, in this case, Mopars: particularly 1962 to 1965 Mopars. Therefore, we are not here to receive or discuss virus warnings, jokes, chain messages, etc. No Spam, or Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) is allowed on the Clubhouse Mail List Discussion. If you are a Clubhouse member and you have items to auction on Ebay, it is okay to offer them for sale to people in this Mail List BEFORE you post them to Ebay, NOT AFTER. Remember that we are a Mail List Clubhouse and you should honor that commitment and give fellow Clubhouse members first shot at your items, or offer a discount. Just posting that you have items on sale at an auction like Ebay mimics sending Unsolicited Commercial Email. Please do not do it.

Moreover, you are welcome to include your personal opinions and beliefs in your private e-mails you send to one person. But DO NOT put your personal social, political, religious etc. statements in messages sent to everyone in the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Mail List Clubhouse, including in your signature. Remember, we are a captive audience that signed up to discuss Mopars. There are plenty of discussion groups on the Web to discuss whatever non-Mopar topic you personally are passionate about. Go for it. Just do not include these off-topic statements in messages sent to this Mopar-focused discussion group.

6) Private and public mail -- keep them separate!

Remember the default reply setting sends your note to *everyone* in the 1962 to 1965 Mopar Clubhouse. You need to re-address your e-mail note if you want it to go to only one person.

As for the re-addressing, it depends on your e-mail program.
One way to readdress mail is to select the "reply to all" option and then go up and highlight and delete all the addresses you do NOT want the note to be sent to. That leaves only the private address of the person you are dealing with.

Another way is to read the note, highlight and copy the private address of the person you are responding to, then copy that private address, then hit reply, highlight the 1962 to 1965mopar list address, hit paste and ZAP! it will replace the address to send to hundreds of people with the ONE address you REALLY want to correspond with. :) It sounds complicated, but after you do it a few times it can be done in a few seconds.

Still another method is go into your preferences settings on your mail system and set it up so all addresses are in hypertext. After that, when you move your pointer over an e-mail address that address name becomes a hand or link to that exact address; just use the mouse and click on the address and your reply will only go to the address you click, not everyone in the Clubhouse.

And even another way was suggested by Kevin Schober: "In my Outlook express I just hit the button that says add sender to my address book and I get the e-mail address that way. If it is an address I do not want to keep I then just delete it after I respond to the person. Just thought this might help some people that have had the same problem in the past."

7) Before replying to a post, read ALL of your current list mail, as someone else may have already replied with the exact same thing. This helps keep mail volume down.

8)TRIM! CUT! When replying to an e-mail it is not necessary to quote the entire e-mail back to the list. Use your editor to trim out all but what is relevant to your reply. This makes things a lot easier to read and saves bandwidth as well.

9) Keep the conversation civil, as folks of all age groups may subscribe. Swear words may have their place, but NOT in the Clubhouse discussion.

10) Be wise and considerate and follow standard Internet etiquette, called "netiquette". SENDING OUT E-MAILS TYPED IN ALL CAPS IS CALLED "SHOUTING". IT IS HARD TO READ, AND WILL BADLY ANNOY SOME PEOPLE since it is commonly interpreted as YELLING!

There are a multitude of helpful netiquette guides available, for example:
* Netiquette
* Communicating via text but still expressing emotion -- smileys or emoticons

11) As of 2011 the Mail List is hosted on Google Groups and Google Groups allows HTML text and pictures as attachments. Sending a picture or a few pictures adds to the communication clarity, "a picture is worth a thousand words." However, consider the picture size and method of delivery when posting photos.

There are also free Web sites that you can use to make the pictures smaller before you send them in an email or to one of the web picture hosting sites. Webresizer is an example.

Reducing the size of the pictures is most important to people who are members here who still use dial up to get their emails. Big size pictures take a long time to download. Note: if you reply to an email that had a lot of pictures take a second to delete the original pictures from your reply to speed up the mail. Also, most digital cameras have a setting for Web pictures that make them formatted to post on the Web as soon as you take them. Image programs also have this function.

Also, there are a bunch of Web sites that allow you to post pictures for free and then just send the address of the Web site. They require you register an account though. A plus is the pictures remain online until you delete them. Below is a sample list.
Google will screen for a virus in an attachment but remember attachments and some hidden html codes are common methods to transmit virus and other malicious activity.

On a server delivery distribution system attachments clog up and slow down the system.

On an individual basis a lot of people have set up their e-mail program set to not accept mail with attachments, as that is the number one way virus gets spread.

Also, some people, like those on WebTV, cannot open attachments. Besides, on a modem, they take a long time to download. Juno subscribers cannot receive any attachments at all.

See above if you have a lot of pictures to share with everyone.

12) If a mail sent to all has a picture or pictures included, please delete the pictures if you reply to save bandwidth and storage quotas in member's IN box, as well as to be fair to members who use a dial-up connection.

13) No "Flame Wars" and bashing of other people's opinions, cars, etc. is permitted. The mail list is intended to be productive and informative. An animated discussion is fine, but remember, insults can hurt feelings.

14) Have fun and make new Mopar friends!

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