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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury hood scoop 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

John writes:    Dude, except for a few guys I hung out with in high school and met cruisin' Van Nuys Blvd., in 1972 there was 3 of us that had 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury's. I lost touch with all of them. I know they would love to see my car now.

My '64 and I go back a long way, and boy could I tell some stores! Every Friday I would detail my '64 383 4 speed car, pick up my date and cruise to the drive in. Man, those where the days. After the movie we would go cruise Van Nuys Blvd., hook up with some friends and find out where the street races were going on.

My '64 ran 13.30 at Lions Drag Strip, but looked like it ran 11's. I was running a 6 pack with manual secondary's, Air Flow Research ported heads, advanced the stock cam 2 1/2 degrees, 4:56 SureGrip 8 3/4 on 10.50 x 15 Goodyear slicks. The 4 speed never shifted good, and I never did figure that one out.

I know I never had anything left at the top end: a good 440 would pass me just before the finish line like clock work. But most of the time I would strap the Fords and Chevys so bad on the street half track they would give up. I loved blowing off the new Z28.
The Mopar as it looked in 1972.
The picture was taken in about 1989.
The car had a 413 single 4 barrel then.
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury in 1989

In 1997 I took the car apart, sent it to the body shop and had the rear fenders fixed and tubed where I had previously cut out the wheel wells with a Black and Decker jig saw just to fit the slicks. Hey I was only a kid! I freshened up the 413, added six pack scoop, Richmond 5 speed, and 3.23 gears with a Powertrax locker, and, after 25 years, finally painted the Mopar.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

I drove the car for two seasons taking it to all the local car shows. It's funny how this generation goes for the Chargers Roadrunners, GTX's etc. They are nice cars, but I still love my 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury!

528 Hemi in 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury I felt the Plymouth needed an edge, so I hinted to my wife how tough the car would be with the new 528 crate Hemi engine. Well, she really likes me. It took me two years to get the Hemi installed. I also added Mcleod street twin clutch, Wilwood front disc brakes, Dalson 2 inch ceramic headers and a K member from Hemispherical Products. Without the Internet, working a full time job, away from home 14 hours a day, 6 days a week: but I did it.

I hope everyone likes the car as much as I do. I still go out to my garage just to look at it, knowing not only is it a Hemi but a 528 Hemi! And to me it's not only a car, it's a reflection of my past and future.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury, Chevy -Ford view

p.s. Ever wonder whose 1964 Plymouth raced the 'vet in the move Corvette Summer? Yes, it was me! Note the decals in the B&W picture, then see the movie.

Thanks, John!

The Sport Fury is certainly part of your family: past, present and future!

Great job! smile!

Gary H.

July 22, 2004

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