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1965 Mopar Fendertag Codes

1965 Dodge or Plymouth B Body Fendertag

Ralf writes:
Typical 1965 fendertag codes that I know of at this point follow.

Starting from left upper corner with row 1, 2 and so on, 1=2 means there's a # 2 under digit 1.

First row: 
1=1 left manual o/s mirror
1=2 left remote o/s mirror (only available after build date 11-11-64, except on Imperial.)
1=4  Spotlight 5 inch, mounted  

2=1 right manual o/s mirror 
2=2 Fender opening reveal skirt
3=9 variable wiper w/ washer

5=5 lower body finish panel/ applique (Chrysler) 
6=0 black conv. top 
6=1 blue conv. top 
6=2 white conv. top 
6=3 tan conv. top
6=5 black vinyl roof
6=6 white vinyl roof
6=7 brown vinyl roof
7=2 sold car
8=5 stone shields
8=7 front bumper reveal moulding
9=1 moulding - door upper frame (C-body) [The only car I have seen this on is a C-body: a 4-door Newport; but I guess it could apply to  all low grade sedan A and B-body too.]
9=6 Lower decklid moulding (Chrysler)

Second row from top:
AB=10 170 cubic inch slant six
AB=20 225 cubic inch  slant six
AB=30 273 cubic inch  v8
AB=31 273 cubic inch  4bbl
AB=40 318 cubic inch 
AB=50 361 cubic inch 
AB=60 383 cubic inch  2 bbl
AB=61 383 cubic inch  4 bbl 330 hp
AB=62 383 cubic inch  4 bbl 315 hp (only C-body)
AB=70 413 cubic inch  340 hp
AB=71 413 cubic inch  360hp
AB=80 426 wedge
AB=82 426 hemi 425hp
AB=91 special order
AB=99 standard cid engine 8 cyl ( w/ positive crankvent system)

B=5 Plymouth C-body 6 cyl.

C=2  safety group  (Chrysler)
C=2 Barracuda Formula S package
C=5 Performance package incl: 273 cubic inch HP 4 bbl, suspension package + power brakes.(Valiant/ Barracuda)
C=5 Polara 500 Sport Package (Dodge ) 

D=1 3-speed
D=2 3-speed heavy duty
D=3 4-speed
D=5 automatic

E=1 a/c w/ heater
E=2 a/c w/dual unit
E=3 a/c w/o heater
E=5 heater w/ defroster
E=6 delete heater
F=1 Power brakes

G=2 6-way bench
G=3 left bucket (4 way power)
G=4 4 way power seats (both)

H=5 power window

J=6 power vent. windows

K=7 power tail gate S.W

L=8 auto pilot

M=9 power door lock

N=0 power top
N=1 roof rack
N=2 assist handles S.W (incl. deflector, coronet)
N=3 roof rack+ assist handles + deflector
N=4 Wind deflector
N=5 Roof Rack + deflector
N=6 Release knob deck lid Taxi
N=8 rear defogger

P=7 powerdeck lid 
P=8 Front console

Q=1 a-m music master/economy
Q=2 a-m astrophonic deluxe
Q=3 a-m/f-m Q=4 a-m astrophonic w/ rear speaker
Q=5 a-m/f-m w/ rear speaker
Q=6 Radio search tuner
Q=7 radio search tuner + rear speaker
Q=8 radio suppressor package
Q=9 rear speaker

R=1 power antenna

S=6 rear speaker + reverberator 

T=8 tach 

V=3 back up lights

X=7 front retracting belt 
X=8 retract. belt front+rear 
X=9 std belt front + rear 

Y=9 fender turn light 

Z=1 Front bucket seats w / rear seat shroud
Z=2 Front bucket seats and console

Last row: 
SQ left digit 1-9 (Jan-Sept) A-C (Oct - Dec) 1964. All w/ # 1-7 are built 1965. Right two digits are
date. Example SQ=B22 are Nov. 22 1964. Number=08065 factory invoice numbers.
B=1  Valiant - Barracuda six cyl.
B=2  Dart  six cyl.
B=3  Belvedere  six cyl.
B=4  Coronet  six cyl. 
B=L Dart V8
B=V Valiant (includes Barracuda) V8
B=W Coronet
B=R Belvedere
B=C Chrysler
B=D Dodge
B=P Plymouth
B=Y Imperial

D=1 Low
D=2 Medium
D=3 High 
D=4 premium
D=5 Wagon low 
D=7 Wagon high
D=8 Barracuda + Taxi
D=9 police 
D=0 Charger Hemi S/S 

Y=1 2 d.r sedan 
Y=2 2 d.r H.T 
Y=3 4 d.r sedan 
Y=4 4 d.r H.T 
Y=5 convertible 
Y=6 S.W 2-seat 
Y=7 S.W 3-seat
Y=8 4-dr Town sedan (six window)
Y=9 Barracuda

T=L low grade trim bench (buckets on Polara, Newport 2-dr H.T.)
T=M Medium grade trim bench
T=H high grade trim bench 
T=P premium front bucket seat 
T=T taxi (bench) 
T=K police (bench) 

R=1 cloth + vinyl 
R=2 cloth + vinyl (low+police)
R=3 Leather 
R=4 vinyl bucket seats 
R=5 vinyl bench seat 2 dr sedan and 4 dr sedan and hardtop
R=6 cloth bench seat (4-dr H.T Imperial)
R=7 cloth and leather
R=8 vinyl + cloth seats 2+4 dr sedan ( vinyl on Fury I)
R=9 Special order (Leather and special order) 

M=A gray
M=B blue
M=C blue and white
M=G green and gold 
M=L gold and black
M=N black and white
M=P gray and black
M=K purple 
M=Q turquoisee 
M=R red 
M=T tan 
M=U black and copper
M=W white
M=X black 
M=Y white seats + headlining + gold carpet (Dart) all others Gold
M=Y White seats + gold headliner + carpet (Coronet) all others Gold
M=V red and white

P=Upper body/roof color 
A= body color 
I=paint style 
I=1 mono 
I=2 Two-tone 
I=3 Sidesweep color + accent (Coronet 440 only) 
I=4 painted racing stripe (Barracuda only) 
I=5 c-pillar applique (vinyl, Chrysler N.Y.)

N=side sweep color (Coronet 440, Belvedere II), c-pillar applique vinyl color (Chrysler) 

T=Upper door frame/molding insert color. 

Paint color (letters under P, A, N and T on tag)

Body codes:  P = Plymouth, D = Dodge, C = Chrysler, I = Imperial

A = Gold, metallic  - C, D,P
B = Black  - C,D,I,P
C = Light blue  - C;D,I,P (ice blue C,I)
D = Medium blue, metallic  - C,D,P
E = Dark blue, metallic  - C, D,I,P
F = Mist blue, metallic  - D,C,I (pale blue on D)
G = Sequoia green , metallic (dark)  - C,I,D (dark green on D)
H = Copper, metallic  - P
J = Light turqoise  - D,P
K = Medium turqoise, metallic  - C,D,P
L = Dark turqoise, metallic  - C,D,I,P
M = Granite gray, metallic  - D
N = Silver, metallic  - C,D,I,P ( pale silver on D )
P = Bright red (Dodge) Ruby red (Plymouth)  - D,P
R = Beige  - D,I
S = Ivory  - C,D,P
T = Medium red, metallic  - C,D,I,P (ruby red on D) (spanish red on I)
V = Cordovan (dark)  metallic  - C,D,I
W = White  - C,D,I,P
X = Light tan  - C,D,P
Y = Medium tan, metallic  - C,D,P
Z = Frost turqoise, metallic  - C,I, D (pale turqoise on D)
2 = Sage green, metallic  - C,I,D (medium green on D)
3 = Pink silver, metallic C,D,I (pink gold on D) 
4 = Moss gold, metallic  - C,I
5 = Black plum  - I
6 = Mauve  - I
7 = Pale gold, metallic  - D,I  (patrician gold on I)
8 = Yellow  - C,D
9 = Special order
Mid year introduction  F,G,M,R, 2-8

Note: All cars built in Lynch road, Detroit Mi have digits above the letters in second row from top. Typical found over letters Q-Z (not shown on pictured tag) Example 15 over QR and 112 over VWX. First two digits (15) are “gate sequence” #. Second three digits (112) are “base sequence” #. These digits mentioned above are only found on cars from Lynch Road factory. Observation # 2: Sometimes there is no digit at all under X (seat belts). When standard belts were installed, sometimes factory left this info blank.

If anyone has corrections or additional 1965 Mopar code information, please e-mail Ralf!
His e-mail is Contact Ralf

See 1965 Certicard Information

Thanks, Ralf!   smile!

Gary H.

Posted on May 16, 2005
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