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1964 Plymouth Sport Fury

Works in Progress

Charles writes: In 1969 I purchased my first car, a 1964 Sport Fury, 383 4 speed, for $300.00 off of a Navy soldier going to war.

I fell in love with the body style back in those days and still cannot stop looking at them.

I'm 52 years old now and had been looking about 10 years for a similar Mopar and gave up! Last month I was searching on ebay for air horns for my tow trucks, and for some reason a 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury WHITE (the same color as the 1964 I owned) popped up.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury interior Well, the Plymouth was perfect!

The Mopar was white, restored, had a
worked 440 motor from Muscle Motors Racing
in Michigan, a TCI Transmission, TTI exhaust,
and perfect interior.

But the Sport Fury was hit in the front from a collision. 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury front wrecked

No problem! It so happens that I own an auto body shop.

1964 Plymouth Sport Fury front rebuild 1964 Plymouth Sport Fury front rebuild

I missed the final auction day on ebay and for some reason the '64 did not meet the reserve price. THANK GOD! A week later, I emailed the seller if he still had it. He did! We made the deal, had the Mopar transported to New Jersey and now it is home!

Merry Christmas 2004 to me!
1964 Plymouth Sport Fury driver's side, rebuild

OK, now the fun begins.

P.S., I am looking for the previous owner of this 1964. If you know anybody that has seen it around please let me know. I purchased the Plymouth from Michigan Auction dealer.

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Thanks Charles!

Sometimes good things come to those with patience.

Merry Christmas 2004 to you indeed!

We look forward to your first test drive report!

Then every day driving the Sport Fury will seem like Christmas.  smile!

Gary H.

November 28, 2004; Revised December 6, 2004; January 8, 2005

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