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1965 Dodge Dart GT

Works in Progress

Juan P. writes:

I bought the car in 1997 in not too good condition, but almost complete,
missing a few details like the front hood emblem and one at the door.

The GT originally was black and had a 273 2bbl engine,
4 speed manual transmission, drum brakes and 7 1/4 rear end.
1965 Dodge Dart GT, passenger side, front

Since 1997 I have redone the engine, put an Edelbrock performer kit (intake manifold, 600 cfm carb, cam and valve covers),
changed the cylinder heads to the new standard 318 style, added Mopar electronic ignition, wires and spark plugs.

The Tachman is now repairing my
Dixco hood tach.

I hope to have it back soon, because
I don't like the little hole in my hood!

The Dixco hood tach will get redone completely
and rescreened for Mopar graphics.....
Hood tachometer for 1965 Dodge Dart GT, rear

Two weeks ago I bought a 8 3/4 741 rear end and a
1980 Aspen disc brake set up that I'm planing to install during December, 2003.

I changed to 15 inch wheels with wheel adapters to fix the small bolt pattern problem,
but all that will change soon with the new discs and rear end.

1965 Dodge Dart GT, rear I'm planing an interior rebuild and painting the car,
as well as installing new wheels.

I live in Chile, South America, and it is not easy to find Mopars here.......

— Update April 2004 —

I have added the original 1965 dealer option racing stripes to my car,
upgraded the rear end to a Dana 40 and upgraded the brake system to F-body power Disc system.

The Dart is running better and I hope to finish soon.

1965 Dodge Dart GT, front 1965 Dodge Dart GT, rear

— Update October 2004— 

I've added a 1965 Barracuda sway bar, 15 inch Cragar SS type wheels and tires, as well as all the missing emblems.
I also installed the exact reproduction of the 1965 HiPo exhaust system.

1965 Dodge Dart GT, driver's side front 1965 Dodge Dart GT, passenger's side
The car is running very nice and agressive because the 3.73 rear end, but I still need to fix some details.
1965 Dodge Dart GT, driver's side

Gracias, Juan!

You certainly have a unique, fun vehicle in Chile, or anywhere!   smile!

Gary H.

November 29, 2003; April 19, 2004; June 18, 2004; July 1, 2004; October 19, 2004

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