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1965 Plymouth Belvedere I

Works in Progress

Colin writes:
I've had my 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I for 13 years. 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

I bought the Mopar with 24,000 original miles on it from an MGM studio auction. I paid $3150.00 for it.

The Plymouth was painted black and white and had a fake star on the side of it. It was in a couple of movies as a cops car and used as a background car.

I instantly fell in love and had to have it, my friends thought I was crazy.

The Plymouth was in great shape and with a paint job and new rims I drove it as my main transportation for 10 years. (By the way, I got pulled over twice on the way home after buying the B&W-with-star-on-door-Plymouth. California Highway Patrol tried to get me for "impersonating an officer" HA HA. That's why I painted it.)

Three years ago the slant six threw a rod and died.

The one thing I don't like about my car is it looks cool but didn't have any power at all! So after 3 years and a baby I am finally going to get her going again BUT, this time I'm going to swap out my slant six with a 440 in Max Wedge configuration. I bought the block from a friend of mine and took it to a machine shop and bored it 60 over and honed out I have a ordered tons of parts.
440 for 1965 Plymouth Belvedere 1965 Plymouth Belvedere
The Plymouth is going to be as fast as it looks. I can't wait!

Thanks for having such a cool site. I love "B" bodies, and yes it's a 4 door but I like the sedan better: it's easier to get in and out of and I like the look too.

Update May 11, 2004

I have removed the old engine and tranny and the entire suspension has been replaced with all new pieces and polygraphite bushings. I've added KYB shocks new torsion bars and I have a front and a rear sway bar kit ready to go in. I've also added a front disk brake conversion kit. I'm still working on master. I' ve put a new fuel tank and sending unit in. I'm picking up the engine next week, it's at the machine shop being assembled.

new K member in 1965 Plymouth Belvedere   disc brakes in a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Also, after looking everywhere, I managed to get my hands on a 727 push button tranny and had it totally rebuilt. I'm a little worried about hooking up the cables into the colunm. They were very hard to get off. I've also got the new K-member in and a new steering pump. The engine compartment is freshly painted and waiting for the engine. The rear end has got new leaf springs and shocks too.

Update May 24, 2004

440 motor for 1965 Plymouth Belvedere Look what I picked up from the
machine shop on May 14, 2004:

 — 440 block bored .60 over
 — Kieth black pitons and rods
 — Balanced Forged Crank
 — Mopar Purple Cam .292 dur. 509 lift
 — Roller rockers
 — Edelbrock RPM Performer Aluminum Heads
 — Edelbrock RPM Performer Aluminum Intake Manifold
 — ARP complete bolt kit
 — Holley high output fuel pump
 — Mopar Performance high output water and oil pump
 — Summit Racing timing chain and gears

Pretty sweet huh!
440 motor for 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

Update December 2004

Progress has been made!
I've added:
 — Speed Demon 850
 — March Billet Pulleys
 — Mopar Vicious Fan
 — Hooker Headers
 — MSD Digital Ignition
 — MSD Billet Distributor
 — Chrome Alternator
engine in 1965 Plymouth Belvedere
engine in 1965 Plymouth Belvedere engine in 1965 Plymouth Belvedere
engine in 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

I'm waiting on delivery of a new BE-Cool aluminum radiator. I am also cutting a hole in the hood: I have a nice scoop to put on and the high-rise manifold does not clear.

The next pictures I send will show the finished project!

Update June 2005

Well she still needs paint but OMG does she hall butt! I just had the old 2:93’s yanked after blowing them to pieces the first run down the track. I put on a 750 Demon carb, 1.7/8" Hooker Headers, March billet pulley kit, custom aluminum radiator, MDS billet distributor and 6al box and wires.

1965 Plymouth Belvedere passenger front side big block engine in 1965 Plymouth Belvedere passenger rear side 1965 Plymouth Belvedere passenger rear side

She’s now sporting 3:73’s and a SureGrip. The Plymouth still needs a stall converter but she ran a 12.5 et at 107 mph which I think is pretty good for a heavy four door. I had 3" TTI exhaust and 40 series Flowmasters put on and the Mopar sounds mean.

Interesting car with a neat history, Colin!

\6 to big block torque. Are you ready?

I bet "YES!" is the answer....  smile!

Re: Update: YES indeed!

Gary H.

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