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1965 Dodge Dart GT

Kevin writes from Upstate New York:
I am the proud owner of a 1965 Dodge Dart GT, featuring factory original Hurst 4 speed and 273 4bbl engine. 273 in 1965 Dodge Dart GT

The Dart is in fine condition and I am in the process of doing some final touches on the car.

1965 Dodge Dart GT                      1965 Dodge Dart GT

I've owned the car twice. I bought it back in 1985 from the original owner. I even have the original owner's manual and Dodge Dealer Card (looks like a Visa Card). Once I got the car I promptly went junkyarding seeking Mopar Rally wheels. Finding them I then had a custom dual exhaust system built. It is wonderfully done and tucked away neatly.

When I moved back east I sold the car to a friend, knowing he would take good care of the car. Then, when I returned from Europe in 2000, I contacted the owner to see if he still had it. He did and since he was getting married and needed the extra cash, he sold it back to me.

The Dart is still in excellent condition and with a little care should be able to come up to Showroom condition.
1965 Dodge Dart GT rear view Are there folks out there who would like to engage me in conversation about the Dart and help me locate a few items? I would love to get a front and rear swaybar system put on it. I think I've found a front one, but finding a rear one may not be possible...any thoughts? Also I could use a left rear taillight. Mine is nice, but does have a small whole in it. Then I need to do a new headliner for the car, as well as some arm rest for the doors and new rubber around the windows. It is still the original cream white color (perhaps off yellow?) with the vinyl roof. Again, if anyone has some thoughts let me know.

Update August 2006

I sold my Dart GT to a married couple who live about 50 miles away from me and own a Campground. I’ll get down to visit them and see the Dart occassionaly as I attend meetings their on a monthly basis.
Nice Dart Kevin!

You are obviously destined to own this Dart, which is a good thing for your "fun factor".   smile!

Re: update: glad to hear the Dart is still in good hands and you can still visit the Mopar too!
Gary H.

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