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1965 Dodge Coronet 500

Works in Progress

Len writes: I just got a genuine Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, optioned from the factory with a 426 street ram (as Mr. Norm called it), AT, PS. She is light turquoise with a two tone turquoise bucket seat interior.

The 500 was found in the corner of a small salvage yard here in IL but was protected and watched over by the yard owner for at least the last 20 years. Even with being parked for the last couple decades the old war horse is about 90% rust free and only has a couple of dents (from the fork lift that picked her up and brought her to me).

Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, passenger side

Time wasn't as gentle to the interior as it was to the metal though, all interior is present but will have to be redone. I have stripped all of the nasty interior out and the floorboards still shine with bright paint!

The car retains all of her original 426/police suspension; big brakes, sway bar and big torsion bars and rear springs too.

Besides the factory options the car has a few interesting add-ons that may be dealer related (Mr. Norm did some wicked stuff in house) or early race items i.e., add on rear coil suspension in addition to factory springs, rear end gears and a few underhood changes which I am photographing and trying to verify.

I plan a full restoration for the ole girl as she left Grand Spaulding Dodge in 1965.

Update April 20, 2005

Here is the old girl looking rather naked.
I am in the process of replacing an inner fender
and fixing some vent box rust issues. The car
is gutted completely and hopefully she'll start
going back together in a couple months.

Even in this vulnerable state she looks wicked!
Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, driver's side
Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, front passenger's side Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, interior

Update August 3, 2005

She is starting to look more like a car again. I ended up replacing the ENTIRE firewall from a rust free 4dr parts car and now looking for new inner fenders...any out there?
Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, side Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500, front driver's side

I am hoping that the body will be ready for paint by Fall. I am learning and doing all body work myself.

P.S. If anyone needs any tips on replacing their whole cowl/firewall they can feel free to email me...it's easier than it looks and is a good way to ensure that no hidden rust lurks in the cowl area (provided you have access to a rust free one) that patching might not get.

Body work Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500 Body work Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500 Body work Grand Spaulding Mr. Norm Coronet 500

Update June 2006

Hate to say it but I had to put my Factory 426 wedge 1965 Coronet 500 up for sale. Here was the ad: Car is a rolling project but is very solid and comes with a ton of parts. I do not have a block but I do have a complete street wedge upper end (heads, intake/exhaust manifolds, carb and chrome valve covers). Car has clear title, original fender tag and documentation from Chrysler Historical on its options and Grand Spaulding lineage. Asking $7000.00 for the old girl. Needs full restoration but for someone with the time she could come back to life fairly quickly. Is not missing much now. Car is located in Southern IL near St. Louis MO

The car sold quickly and the Dodge will be going to a good home and to someone that has the time and means to do it justice.
Thanks Len!

Great snag of a rare survivor.

Glad to hear the junkyard owner (and junkyard dogs?) kept the 500 intact all those years!

Great car to restore!

Updates look wonderful! Lot's of hard work...but worth it!  smile!

Gary H.

November 29, 2004; April 20, 2005; August 3, 2005; June 8, 2006

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